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02-08-2010, 07:13 AM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
I am too chicken to try this: If I have a BO that is a LC, and want to change his Level 1 Space slot, will it reset ONLY his Level 1 Space slot?
Not his level 2, 3 slots?
yep, Also if u find say a Blue rare or purple rare officer, these come with moves only they have and u cant buy or train from the BO trainer.

For example my Engineer had auxiliary power to weapons 1 in his lvl1 move slot.

I found a blue rare officer who was crap but had Power to weapons 3 in the lvl 1 slot.

Now u cant get this move as a lvl 1 skill slot from the BO trainer, so I gave it to my Engineer.

Lost the blue rare BO but pimped my main Eng officer.

I love this system, you do lose the officer points on the move you have changed but these are not capped so a few missions and your back on top.