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02-08-2010, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by Bloodlance View Post
we wont see anything like that until there is a reson for PvP.

what do we get by controlling territory ?

so to speak, when we get the area... WHAT THEN ?

just to get a blue blob as a fed in some space, what then ?


and then again, every battle that is over 5vs5 is unbalanced on Feds favor (big arc weapons, initial alpha etc, talked about it in OB and prelaunch).

so all area control battles have to be weighted in amount of battles and max team size is 5vs5.
I think you missed the point, since the OP was basically answering your question. Persistent PvP in the vein of PotBS with a large map or series of PvP only sectors, populated with bases and resources that can be captured. Those bases and resources will have an impact. For example, owning most of the bases gives that side the ability to spot all enemy vessels on the sector map. Owning most the resources in a sector allows for better loot drops in battle. Simple, yet very effective.