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02-08-2010, 07:19 AM
I have no idea what kind of time frame these things really belong in so I just took a guess:


* fix the weapon abilities being removed from the tray every time you beam down
* add location names to the local map (Exchange/Requisitions/etc.)
* options to auto-holster weapons and auto-hide armor and kits in non-combat areas
* better documentation for skills and items
* skip tutorial on new alts
* auto-fire as many weapons as we wish
* walk toggle
* cursor getting stuck as a certain shape or icon, constant corrupt cursor errors
* respec for our captains and bridge officers
* back button in comm screen instead of quit and reopen
* fix custom chat tab settings inheriting settings from other tabs
* sort items in the exchange by the columns


* unlock the Z-axis so we can truly fly in 3D. I want to be able to pull off an Immelmann or loops
* full quest location present in the mission info when appropriate
* BO's able to use kits
* ranged enemies stay ranged, not charge in to fight in my face
* get rid of the sector space grid and the "support poles" under the systems
* select transwarp destination from a list of places you've been
* ask to auto-team ships in the same vicinity as each other if they're not already in a team, ie. join a team with captains X, Y, Z?"
* some quick order/strategy buttons for communicating with our team: fire on my target, attack from least threatening to most, I need help, etc.
* ship class choice during character creation


* remove sector borders and their load screens, free flight to/from anywhere
* autopilot steers to point at destination before warping out (if above point is realized)
* target ship subsystems
* built-in team/fleet voice chat
* fleet starbases
* realistic scale for building/ship architecture, everything is friggen huge and silly looking
* Use the replicator to recycle any item you want into an amount of a generic raw material. You can replicate anything you've recycled and in doing so it uses up an amount of raw material.