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02-08-2010, 07:24 AM
critters/wildlife in ground missions.
Better tool tips for the skill trees. (how much and of what exactly does this skill add)
Fix bugs and broken skills.

More random encounters, with good diversity. Someone mentioned distress calls, could also run across anomalies (not just for gathering)
The ability to pilot your ship from the bridge out of combat at least. (yes I want the view screen to work).
Ground mission maps, make them larger, it feels like I am in a small box, I want a big box and to feel like I could explore and actually find things.
Adjust ground combat somehow so it does not feel like I am just spamming buttons as fast as they pop.
Give us a reason to use more timiing on skills.

A LARGE zone accessible to both factions with pve content and pvp. (similair to the abyss in ****) This would not be a difficult thing to make. The game needs something to make ppl want to keep playing rather than for an hour and get bored w/ the repetition. Could even have some planets to beam down to for more pvp and possibly faction control.
Planets, we should be able to beam down to any planet, random map generator kind of thing would be fine.