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02-08-2010, 07:25 AM

- PVP level capping. I ended up on ground combat with players using weapons and skills way beyond what I had. I was getting killed every 5 seconds.

- Time limits/skill penalties - as great as the missions are, both science and combat, there is virtually NO jeopardy involved because you know you'll just respawn until you win. There are numerous missions (i.e. the explosive charges with Lt. Paris and chasing the ferengi smuggler) that insist timing is vital but doesn't actually impose a time limit. A countdown would make the gameplay even better. There should also be a skills penalty for every respawn.

- Self-destruct - there are times where you just want to self-destruct your ship and get it over with.


- Access to the bridge - Using the bridge of your ship is the most pointless aspect of the game and a huge disappointment. You should be able to sit on your captain's seat and control gameplay if you wish (like Bridge Commander allowed) and be able to roam your ship a little more.

- More complex missions - More multi-stage missions such as the one involving the Guardian of Forever.

- More PVP opportunities and integration.


- More playable races

- More skill levels - i.e. Fleet Admiral... to keep giving players something to strive for.

- Delta and Gamma quadrant interaction