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02-08-2010, 07:32 AM
Basically the console count isn't directly linked to the number of officers. The number and make up of the officers depends (after the Lt Rank) on which ship you select:

Cruisers have 2 Engineering Officers
Science Ships have 2 Science Officers
Escorts have 2 Tactical Officers

In addition to this as you level your officers get additional commands. At Lt all your stations are Ensign beacause you can't promote officers to your rank only the rank below it. At Lt Commander you can promote your officers to Lt so it is possible to have a Lt Station which you get one of in the profession for that ship. (Cruiser will have 1 Ensign Engineer and 1 Lt Engineer) and so on. In each rank you have at least one station in the primary profession of that ship that will have a ranked station at one rank below yours.

There are reasons to have multiple officers though, one is choice in which ship you want to operate and choices in the skills you want to have in your ship or in your away missions. Some situations might call for one skill while others might call for another. In any event there is no real cost to filling up those slots and since your Bridge Officer skill points don't currently cap you can always train up new officers.