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02-08-2010, 07:50 AM
Originally Posted by NefariousCoal View Post
MES is a science BO ability you can get (both on Fed and Klingon).

It's actually better than Klingon cloak. Your shields will still recharge while MES is on.

However, it's not a battle cloak so it's only good for sneaking up and starting a fight. It won't be available again until your Red Alert is gone (after exiting combat).

People can detect you while using MES, the higher their Auxiliary power setting. Science characters seem to get a bonus. However, it seems to be ineffective unless the MES'd guy is within 4 or 5 km - usually even less. This is much like detecting cloaked vessels.
in pvp they can see you from a stupidly long distance away (upwards of 19km). and your shield power goes to ZERO while its up.