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02-08-2010, 08:26 AM
Since the option to change instances is available off the mini-map, I'm not sure it's really necessary to have it prompt all the time... But, I would say that the automatic choosing of instances should have a bit of intelligence to it...

First, when in a team and members are in the same sector, system or map it should ALWAYS put team members together in the same instance. Bad enough this MMO is so sharded to make it feel more single player than MMO, but when you try to play with friends you eithere waste time constantly trying to get into the same instance together, or you end up just having separate play experiences sharing a chat channel.

Second, the instance chooser should also make an effort to put fleet members into the same instance. Don't make instances full of only members of one fleet, some variety is good. But, people in a fleet should really see one another frequently when they are travelling, doing missions, engaging in fleet actions, etc...