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02-08-2010, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by Maltz-N-Burgerz
-Margon Son Of Marog. (Margon Marog puq'loD? Marghom MaroH puq'loD?)

-Margon Of The Klingon Honor Guard or Honor Guardsman(-Klingon?) Margon. Whatever will fit under the "Bones" section of names.

-Kri'stak Volcano. (Fiery Kri'stak Mountain? Burning Kri'stak Mountain?)
Ok. Here's what you want:

marghon, tlhIngan 'avwI' quv - Margon of the Klingon honor guard

QIStaq qul HuD - Kristak Fire Mountain

Both marghon and QIStaq are my transliterations of the names you wrote. There aren't set tlhIngan Hol words for them.