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02-08-2010, 08:59 AM
I said this in another thread, but I'll toss it here to see if I can contribute...

Possible simple solutions...

- If you are LT Cmdr 12 or more, you simply just don't get a drop if you win. That way, you can go in, have fun, help your friends, but you don't take the loot away from the players you would benefit from the loot. The game cycles through the list and awards the prizes to the players who are level appropriate.


- All Blue and Green items that drop in the zone are Bind on PICKUP. Then, despite others losing out on potential loot to higher levels, ther is no point in farming the area and flooding the market with these items and removes Gold Farming potential harvests.


- Pro-rate the DPS heavily the more the level of the player exceeds the bracket of the instance.


- Simply do not track the points of a player who is Lt Cmdr 12 or higher. So you can go there, test stuff, wreak havock on the Klingons, but bottom line, your name doesn't even show up in the list once the mobs are done. You get no loot and perhaps even less Skill Points.
There are a TON of other ways to deal with this issue.

What needs to be determined is what does Cryptic want Starbase 24 to be and who do they want to be able to benefit from it.