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02-08-2010, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by Wavau
that sounds like fun. that's the good thing about my job, no other departments that I have to transfer to. just take the ticket, fix the problem then mock the guy after I get back to my desk.

these is the oh so classic.
" my computer has an error"'s saying no video signal detected...I think I may have a virus.

I always face palm at this one....cause at this point your questioning the persons ability to tell the difference between the monitor and the's a 50/50 chance if I tell them to make sure the PC is on...they are looking at the all you can really do at this point is slap the water and ride the wave.
THIS. I always used to think that there's just no wy people are actually THAT dumb.

This job proved to me that they, indeed, are.
"My TV says 'Press OK'. What do I do now?"

"My computer is all black! Where's my Internet?" "Turn it on./Turn on the monitor."

"Go to our web site at www.hoogaboogablah.notrealaddress." "I just see a list of similar web sites. Where do I sign in?" "Ma'am, did you just do a Google search?" "I don't know...?" "You need to type into the address bar." "Where is that?/I don't have one of those." And then you find out that the person has every single additional tool bar known to man, and SOMEHOW mysteriously managed to get rid of their address bar.