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02-08-2010, 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by JustTray View Post
That poster is wrong. You're probably better off using a lower rank ship. There is no skill for Neghvar right now so you cant even upgrade your flying abilities. You get only 1 more useless weapon slot in addition to a device slot and one more eng slot, BUT THERES NO RANK 4 abilities to get, unless you think eject warp plasma is useful (its not).

So basically th Negh'var doesn't offer anything right now useful. I'm using the Carrier until they fix both the tier 4 eng officer abilites AND the skills. Until then there's literally no reason to use that ship.

Epic fail on math and abilities. One more weapon slot = 600+ dps. One more enginerring slot mean one more RSP or Extend Sheilds. since the second slot on vorcha is only luetenant level.