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# 1 BO Skill Point Question
02-08-2010, 09:47 AM
Hey gang,

So I was spending points on my BOs last night and noticed something. If you have a BO with level 1 in a skill (Not a skill type I or II, but the numeric level) and you sped BO skill points to go to level 2, the skill get worse! The cooldown increases by 5 sec. Then at level 3 the cooldown return to the level 1 value. From there out to level 9 it seems to keep decreasing. Is that how it is suppose to work? So until you raise a skill to level 4 there is NO benefit? that seems wierd to me. Also, it looks like the only thing that changes is the cool down rate.

Anyone able to confirm this is as intended? It just does not seem right.