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02-08-2010, 11:47 AM
The only person who has it correct is the original poster. If cryptic pulled the metrics for T2 combat they would definitely see a huge skewing in favour of the feds, who have - as was explained then carefully ignored by most the respondants here - a no-brainer strategy. All the feds have to do is show up where there already are feds and they get the advantage. They don't have any problems with communicating (which is hard in larger engagements without just speaking to the whole zone and telling the other team); coordination (they don't need any other than to just sit there and wait), target calling (klingons appear one at a time due to the vaugarities of decloaking, so feds auto-lock the same target), or even attack committment (how many times have we seen people delay decloaking until they feel "safe" to do so-at which point we've lost and they never do?). This isn't a numerical stat advantage in terms of ship-on-ship or skill-on-skill, but rather a series of human-nature and endplay scenarios that make it comparatively rediculously hard for the klingons over the feds. It's also more than enough to give them a far far easier time in combat given the offence-over-defence nature of T2. This is an imbalance that really should be looked at.

To declare that the games are 50/50 or better is not just anecdotal, it's also far unrepresentative of what the vast majority of us are experiencing at the moment. We can only assume that you're refering to personal victories rather than map wins or that you're no longer in T2 combat at all and the first few days had far less of this problem than is becoming evident now. I've been LT2 now for a good 4 days and of the 80+ matches matches I've taken part in we've won 3. And it certainly wasn't for lack of coaching or attempts to coordinate with my teammates. But really, it doesn't matter if I improve my l33t pvp skills or even if the majority of my team improve their skills. Because the feds have it so easy in all the terms listed above there is little way we can survive if even 1 or 2 of our members aren't playing 100%. And in a casual MMO like this, there's a huge chance that is the case. You can easily get away with it on the fed side, but not the klingon, but it's neither reasonable nor appropriate to just fanboi-comment "they shouldn't play klingon!" because really they have every right to and the game should be balanced enough to at least give a little leeway to them, otherwise the entire klingon side suffers.

So, in conclusion, get off your high horses and recognise the problem for what it is please. I look forward to clearing these last few levels of Klingon so I can get into T3 and out of this quagmire of miserable PvP, and I intend never to have to do this again. In the meanwhile I also only go for KvK battles now, because then all things are actually equal and the matches are interesting.