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02-08-2010, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by faithborn
capture and hold is much more fun because the two tactics that ruin the deathmatches are very ineffective (cloak ambush/run & fedball) because the point of them is survival. If you die in C&H, no harm no foul, you just respawn 10 seconds later and go back to capping and fighting. Theres no "magic number" in kills that a person has to reach, just a point system that drains for not controlling enough territory. It's super easy to split off and cap a few areas if theres a big battle and its super easy to mob at a single area that you need to capture.

cloak ganking in C&H loses it's vital strategic importance and becomes a simple tactic that helps to influence solo capping areas and small battles

fedball in C&H loses it's vital strategic importance because if you maintain the ball you will lose from the timer.

what people don't understand about C&H is that that super large battle at one capture point doesnt actually matter except to stall the opponent out over one area long enough to capture the other areas. It's not the end of the game if you lose there.
I agree, C&H is a much more fun gameplay than deathmatch. While ambushes and DP:Tribble are used in the caphold matches, they're not a gamewinner/gamebreaker for either side.

And I agree totally that the super-large battle is simply a trap...if one team can distract the other with a huge battle, then they can win just by holding the other points.