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02-08-2010, 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by Gaglug View Post
A quick look at Suricata's ship charts gives the data.
T4 Klink cruiser = Less hull than any fed ship. Better turning than Fed cruiser, worse turning than Sci Ship. Same console slots as fed cruiser, same BO as fed cruiser, same weapon slots as a fed cruiser.

So...less survivable than a fed cruiser.
Less maneuverable than a fed sci ship.
A cloaking device that doesn't do anything once combat is joined.

Honestly, some Fed perspective is needed.
Yea right, less hull then any fed ship. A bit of honesty would be great.

T4 K Cruiser Hull = 30k 10 turn rate
T4 F Science = 22,5k 12 turn rate (the difference between 12 and 10 is tiny)
T4 F Escort = 25k 17 turn rate.
T4 F Cruiser = 32.5k (again 32k and 30k is nothing) turn rate is 5.... (that;s 5 vs 10)

And it can mount cannons with rapid fire, while Fed cruiser don't have enough energy to run beams. If you don't get Feds cruisers cannot mount cannons or is that useful with turn rate of 5, and beams drain energy badly.