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02-08-2010, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by Gaglug View Post
I posted my source for data, I'll have to check if Suricata updated the hull numbers at any point.

I've flown the T3/4 Klink cruisers. .

Then you should have realised how off the chart you were referencing was before making the statement "KDF cruisers have less hull than all the Fed ships in their tier".

I don't see why fed cruisers can't equip cannons.
Because the game doesn't let cruisers equip cannons. Or are you stating you don't see anything wrong with letting Cruisers equip cannons? (in which case, there still isn't any point to it, due to turn rate)

In any case, the VorCha is better than the Galaxy (yes, I have flown both)- I'd sacrifice 6.25% effective hit points for 100% more base turn rate on the Galaxy. Wouldn't even care about using cannons.