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02-08-2010, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by Vuk View Post
It's a little disengenious that people come on here and complain , when obviously the really issue is layout's and Boff buffs and teamwork buff's that are the real issues. People not understanding how the game mechanics works doesn't entitle them to complain . I've seen Fed cruisers hit upward of 200k in damage in combat at T-3 . So OP go back do you homework and read , study and learn .
I would like to point out how disengenious you are not admitting that there really is a huge gap in the performance of these ships in question. You say others should go and learn, how about you do the same.

Lets recap what we have learned:
Federation cruiser, 2k more hull
Klingon cruiser, Cannons
Klingon cruiser, Cloak
Klingon cruiser, More turning speed

The real issue IS NOT the skills, as everyone can get them, it is the ships themselves. Additionally you say people dont know game mechanics, based upon your ridiculous statements it is you who dont know jack or just feign ignorance because you want to have better ships than others.

Edit: I have seen klingon cruisers do 300k damage, it is all about how long the game lasts and who heals what.