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02-08-2010, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by Bos22
Read the part about energy.... It's the energy problem, my energy goes down 50 in few seconds with 4 beams and 2 eng consoles - 2.2 transfer rate and 1.5 transfer rate. Cannons > Beams any time, and rapid fire simply owns beam overload.

Also there are cannons with 180' arc.
So you want your Fed cruiser to play like a warship. Play it like a Fed Cruiser. Who has the higher DPS arrays or cannons? Who has the potentially higher engagement time? Perhaps the key is investing in more skills, consoles and BO skills to improve the weapons power...but thats a specialization choice for the generic Cruiser design role.

You guys Fed ball for a reason, it suites your design roles. These arent warships...escorts are the closest you have. This whole 1 vs 1 comparison for balance isnt the way war works out. War is a team sport...fight as such. Embrace your hull's role and play to its max.

Everytime I see Feds play as a cohernet team of role oriented positions, my Klingons lose...everytime.

But you have play the ship to it strengths...thats not a 1 vs 1 trade-off(which is good for the Fed and its Fed ball) As a group, your omni-directional fire is withering and mutually supportive form all attack vectors.

For us Klingons, the Fed ball is like a wing of German interceptors diving into a well maintaned formation of B-17 heavy bombers...its devastating and resource intensive.

Just like you shouldnt try to turn a ***** into a house wife or a trade into a long term investment(or vice-versa)...dont try to turn a cruiser or a science vessel into a warship.