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02-08-2010, 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by faithborn
unfortunately even if they could equip cannons, the turn rate is so abysmal for fed cruisers that 90% of the time they would be wasted slots
Don't know I always wanted to experiment with 180' arc cannons, and you cannot put turrets infront neither or at least I tried.. I wanted to see 6 turrets rapid fire performance.

Originally Posted by KabaalGen
The reason people think of Battlecruisers dishing out tonnes of damage is quite simply due to Cannon Rapid Fire not having a counterpart for beams. Without Rapid Fire the cannons don't do particularly astonishing damage just as beams don't, when overload beams gets fixed/changed as has been promised then i doubt there will be as many queries, complaints etc.
True, I am not calling for nerfs. I am calling for fixes. BO, MES needs to be fixed a bit after way too much nerf. I will be RA5 probably in 2 days, already captain 9. And next I will roll an eng klingon.