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02-08-2010, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by elecstrk View Post
not really a big mystery for the first two tiers as you will be filling up just about every box in order to level.
That's basically it. But you've got the basics down already, your skill distribution is fine. You can't go wrong just pumping your weapons.

Personally, I don't put anything into ground combat as I find ground combat to be unininteresting, unfun, and a gigantic waste of time. Those skillpoints go to space combat, where they can make a huge difference.

The real choices come later in T3 and beyond where you have to start specializing more. (Wait, I like this skill and it keys off of I need to pump sensors. But what if I find this other skill I actually like more and I want to swap out the original skill, but then all my sensor skills are wasted...)