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02-08-2010, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Teleon View Post
If you time it just right, using two torpedo launchers to the fore or aft, you can get two High Yield Torpedo volley's off in rather quick succession.

I typically however enjoy first firing a volley of the dispersal torpedo's followed no less than three seconds by a volley of High Yield torpedo's. Lights up the "sky". :p

I'd also say it depends what skill level the High Yield torpedo's are at. The high levels fire more than two at a time.

The Plasma torpedo's should never fire more than one when you're talking about the High Yield. I'd say, given that the weapon description states, that it is a bug.
How do you get an aft torp fired without turning. The Romulans will regularly decloak, fire off their torps. I'm not detecting any facing change.
T:HY 2 on an ensign ship? I guess.
more plasma torps than ships... I'll have to bug it next time I see it.
Problem I have sometimes is I can't seem to shoot em down.... I target it but all my beams, without fail, will be on CD.
I'm not dieing, so right now its an annoyance. I was hoping to develop some strategies. Or duplicate the strategies... Right now the only time I die is against the NPC spawn camping fleets in the Deep Space Encounters and to the Crystalline Entity.