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02-08-2010, 04:12 PM
Short term

-End game content! (Yes, It's coming I know, keep it coming!)
-Difficulty sliders
-tweaks and bug fixes

Medium term

-New story missions with variable endings, outcomes and paths... I'm so tired of the kill 0/10 ships. /I must have killed over 100,000 people in game so far if you count crew that's probably on the ships I've brutally murdered in a non starfleet fashion
-Diplomacy! Diplomacy! Diplomacy! I feel like some bloodthirsty klingon, not like a starfleet officer
-PvP that swades the map, and has a real impact besides just passing the time.
-Open pvp zones, and pvp zones where all ranks and combat with themselves. An Admiral could fight a for example.

Long Term

-Player/faction Bases
-San Francisco, not just starfleet academy but some city too to expore, go to the club or walk the streets (All this killing is making me lose my mind, need to relax)
-Ability to poly-crew ships, I fly, my buddy uses skills, another friend shoots
-Romulan and Cardassian playable factions with content.