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02-08-2010, 03:14 PM
Short-term requests

- Fix the preorder costumes please.
- Server upgrades. (Yes, it's obvious and Cryptic is working on it. But I don't have much else to mention right now.)
- A way to turn off in-game e-mail. A lot of us don't use it, and the mail just fills with gold seller spam.

Mid-term requests

- Add a PvE-only path to maximum level for the Klingon faction.
- More uniform options for both the Klingon and Federation factions.
- Better descriptions for skills, so that I actually know what benefit I'm getting when I'm putting points into them. (I don't seriously expect this, Cryptic being cryptic, but it's something that would greatly improve my enjoyment of the game.)

Long-term requests

- Romulan faction with PvE content equivalent to the federation.
- Still more uniform options. (I'm greedy that way.)
- Increased level cap, since the current cap appears to be temporarily set low.