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02-08-2010, 04:23 PM
Short term:

-Durability of ship and player gear with a charge for repairs.

-A combat reset upon death while solo.

-No rez for players in group play while in combat. A Science ship should have a skill for a battle rez. Full reset of mob group if the group every player is killed.

Mid term:

-More missions with options. Diplomatic and combat options in the quest dialoge with different outcomes.

-NPC factions with exclusive content, bases, space stations, gear and quests.

-A working crafting system with items wanted and needed by players.

-Ships as player housing.

-Functioning bridge for sector space travel.

Long term:

-Multiple player factions with full PvE.

-Open space sectors for player/fleet housing in space or on the ground.

-Open sector space for continuous PvP with bonuses for your fleet/House.

-Content........Content..........Content.......... Did I say Content?