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02-08-2010, 03:28 PM
Short term
- Coloured weapons, it was an awesome 'bug' and I'd love to see it back as a full functionality.
- Fixes for the BO bugs, see
- More clearity in your progress at Memory Alpha with crafting.
- Lag issues fixed/ improved server stability.
- Gold sell spam removed or at least limited (ability to toggle off whether or not I want to be whispered by low levels would help already)
- More end game content
- More auto fire options. Right now I'm getting RSI, need a new keyboard roughly every ~6 months and generally I can't pay attention much to what happens on screen due to having watch the short cooldowns of the weapons.

Mid term
- Skill cap at least raised, preferably completely gone.
- Skill respec.
- Ability to toggle on/ off the grid in sector space, preferably this would also toggle off the sector boards. That way sector space won't feel so limited while with a default on option it would also keep everybody happy that wants to see the grid.
- More bridge functionality;
  • Ability to hail friends from your bridge and see their face on the main view screen
  • Being able to access the replicator
  • Being able to access my mail
  • Being able to access my bank
  • Assign which BO should sit on which spot on the bridge
  • Sitting in the captains chair by double clicking on it
  • Etc.

Long term
- Being able to walk on your entire ship
- Fleet stations.
- Ability to level beyond level 45 and see more of those cool episodes.
- More end game content
- PvE content for Klingons
- More factions/ playable races