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# 77 Short -mid and longterm...
02-08-2010, 04:31 PM
- Create more missions, and several goals of the missions/tasks. "Agents" might be an idea, who are working for -and has as goals diffrent things. Not only combat, but it might be courrier, escort. combat, trade, pick-ups etc.

- Better chatsystem and windows. Able to chose our own channels like "Galaxy", "Beginner/help", "humans", "humanoids". "commanders" etc.

- More ships and moduls, and also the power/things you can do with each and everyone.
- More mission-storylines, or storylines
- Us beeing able to orbit around the enemyships by a press on a button.

- Players beeing able to create and join each others "guilds"/fleets (maybe we already can tho)
- Create several "sides", like factions and more "intregues" and "feelings" against player fleets
- Put a heavier weight on races, make them depend more like some races might not like each other and rules over diffrent regions (storyline wich could be combined with solo-missions.
- Open space explortion
- Ships as player homes/housing
- Open space or ground for fleets/guilds as "home" (Wich in some galxies can be pvp overtaken by others)

- PVP Zones or galaxies, where player guilds/fleets can fight eachother in the name of war and in order to beeing able to control that galaxy.

- Come up with a way so that a characters skills doesent stops at 45, insert alot more skills in diffrent paths for a character to go/train -or create an real-time training instead of levling.

- In long term, create and build the game, as the players increase, so the game is more "depentent" on player vs player rather than player vs NPC.

As you might se, my influences are from EVE-Online, but i think STO is a GREAT Game and i am sure that the game will develop and be just as popular as EVE in the future. But i think that if you could get the best MMO-things from EVE into STO in your own style, then it would be the perfect game.
Some like to pvp, and some doesent. But we all like to play alongside eachother and if STO can find several pathts for each player like pvp, npc, tagging up and beeing on each sides, or following storyline-missions, then atleast i would be mote than satisfied! I am satisfied as it is, and think that You have come up with an exellent game. Thank You for that - but every best-seller has begun somewhere and like i said, im sure STO will be one of the best MMO in the future.