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02-08-2010, 03:34 PM
Short Term:
  1. Reorganize the Power Store so that it's arranged by skill type (Ground or Space) and Officer Type. I'm spending far too much time trying to determine what's what when I want to retrain my BOs.
  2. BO pathing. I've had to stop and Rally my Officers just to make sure they stay with me.
  3. Simplify exploration badges. Why not just have the higher level stuff cost more instead of having four orders?

Medium Term
  1. First Officers! Special abilities over and above normal BOs, and more of them by default. Perhaps as a mission reward either as an early Commander or late LtCom. Skills would of course cost more to level.
  2. More ships. Excelsior, Oberth, Nebula, Ambassador. And more ship parts. Maybe I want my T1 Light Crusier to have nacelles more like the Voyager, or even the TOS Enterprise.
  3. Episodes set on your ship. Even just using the stock interiors you already have.
  4. Scoring more than on DPS in Fleet Actions. How about healing other players? Everyone might not be on the same team in an FA, but using Transfer Shield Strength to help out a struggling Escort should be rewarded somehow.
  5. More character slots. If not, raise the skill cap.
  6. Death penalty. There should be some kind, even if it's only exploding consoles.
Long Term
  1. More factions. Romulans, Cardassians, Dominion.
  2. Branching storyline Seasons. Having multiple options for progression so playing alts makes more sense. Right now, I fear that once I get to Rear Admiral I'll just stop playing since I hit the top and seen everything the game has to offer.