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02-08-2010, 06:21 PM
I would be interested to hear from Cryptic, how exactly their server system works. To use a popular example (World of ********), although many players play on different "realms", each realm is divided into multiple shards. To use the following example:

Servername: Doomhammer
Eastern Kingdoms

Add to that, a specific "Dungeon" shard as well as the shard handling the games chat. To those familiar with the game, i'm sure they have noticed the occasional "World Server is down" message, which essentially meant that only one SHARD of the realm was down, and not the entire realm. If you logged in on a character that wasn't within the same "shard", it worked perfectly fine.

From my experience playing STO, it feels alot like Cryptic are running most/all of the content off of a single sharded system. My proposal, would be to split up the game (staying with "1 server"), into having different shards for different sectors (Sirius "Shard", Regulus "Shard", Alpha Centauri "Shard" etc), as well as a dedicated shard specifically for starbases (DS9, K7, Spacedock etc). I think this would go a LOOONG way to alleviating some of the rubber banding and server instability issues. Furthermore, I don't think it should be required to go through yet another loading sequence, if all you are doing is transferring between Deck 3 to Deck 4, or from ground level of Spacedock, into the Admirals office etc. Surely this can be handled better?

Over the past week and a half, it's felt to me that the game has been more OFFLINE, than ONLINE. Alot of unscheduled maintenance and the server is still having stability and rubber banding issues. Was it not promised not long ago, that Cryptic was gonna add more servers? My question then is: WHERE ARE OUR SERVERS CRYPTIC?

It's easy to be proud of milking hundreds of thousands of people of their money. It's alot harder to keep the same people HAPPY after having spent the money. Especially when you take into consideration the initial cost of the game, the monthly charge AND the microtransaction fees (albeit optional at current).

End Rant.