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# 1 Earth: the Final Frontier?
02-08-2010, 06:26 PM
( Was originally in the STO Discussions forum, decided this would be a better place for it )

Sooo I was driving along for work today, thinking in my head about how I wanted to write my bio for my Human. I decided I wanted him to be born on Earth, and then started thinking about where I wanted him to be from, what his parents did, and all that. It then dawned on me that, despite all the humans in Starfleet and shown in Star Trek... we really have no idea what Earth is like in the 24th century!

All we know about Earth is that it is a Socialist Utopia. And we barely know that! We only know that there is no poverty because everyone's needs are filled. But what does that mean? Do people have to work? What is the government like? Is there still crime? What is society like? What are the cities like? Are there still individual nations or is it all one big government? NONE of this is apparent, and I don't think it is ever adequately explained. I'm pretty sure it never comes up in episodes of the series or any of the movies - only very specific parts of Earth are used, and politics/society are pretty much ignored.

What is Earth? Why have they practically ignored it? Is it because they don't have any idea how to properly explain it or how to make it work? Is it because Americans are afraid of the word Socialism and thus wouldn't understand?

How am I supposed to write a Bio about a planet I know nothing about?