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to any Fleet who gets this message, I am an Engineering Officer with plenty of experience in Flight and Ground Combat, vs your average rag tag villains and criminals, I am also very skilled in warfare Vs the klingons.
I am in need of a fleet who can accommodate my schedule due to the fact that I am also a family man. My time is very limited and so is my ability to communicate Via Online protocols. My heart is in exploration of the various worlds and unknowns in this universe, but if a fight is needed I can hold my own.
Thank you for your time.

Plain and simple i have a hardcore gamer heart but with a casual gamer time schedule, I have the patience for all aspects of playing MMO's from pvpve, exploring and crafting, to all around conversationalist but because of my family I have limited use of voice chat, usually only at night when the wife and kids are sleeping

in game contact name is Tals@Tals
thanks again