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02-08-2010, 07:34 PM

That might very well have been me commanding the Klingon wing. Everything you described was tactically sound. I salute that wing if it wasn't the one I was commanding.

Since there is no game timer I am sure you are exaggerating by a factor of 100 or 150%.

I simply try to make your FEEL like you have been playing forever.

They will not put limits on pvp matches, nor will they nerf the cloak (which is already nerfed to hell). What needs to be done is for people who think that the Fed Ball is a good idea to find a tactical corpus that actually DOES work.
Also, never ever go into battle without a pre-made team on comms.

Yours in service to excellence Plasma,

P.S. *Laughs at the irony that he is writing a tactical manual dealing with this exact situation"

P.P.S. Overheard at Star*Dagger's signing to BoK
"If I join ye will I get to kill Engl.. uh Feds!??" LOL