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02-08-2010, 07:37 PM
Picard's family still owned a Vineyard in France. Sisko's dad runs a diner in New Orleans. Both of these locations are visted, along with flashbacks of a young Picard visiting a bar full of Naussicans...somewhere on Earth. I think we also get a bit of background on Alaska in the episode of TNG with Riker's dad.

I gather that everyone's basic needs are fulfilled. You'll never be without shelter, food, medical treatment, etc. Luxury goods, like Chateau Picard wine (which, incidentally, is a random food drop in game ) would have to be purchased, the universal currency seems to be gold pressed latinum but I imagine within the Federation trade is probably carried out with energy credits (or something similar) much like we do in game. You work, you get credits, you get nicer stuff, you don't work, you get a one room apartment somewhere with 3 basic uninspiring meals a day and all the free time in the world... to do things that don't cost credits.

So no more "Starving artists" just very bored artists