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02-08-2010, 07:53 PM
Short Term :

Remove the level cap and allow people to invest in all skills if they wish or come up with more skills.

Better information when you click the "Info" option on an item....

Lower the Price to buy fleet bank Tabs.

Mid Term:

Adding personal quarters to your ship and allowing more non PVE/PVP content. Maybe a few mini games like going to your personal quarters and inviting a friend over to play a game of chess etc.

More fleet Content such as a fleet own starbase or even some kind of housing system on star bases were you can have fleet office rooms that have personal stores and such etc.

More Non PVE/PVP content and more PVE/PVP content :3 .

Long Term:

Id like to see the game run smoother. Currently I am running on a computer that is far above the system requirements to run the game yet I have issues running it on high.

More Options as far as fleet's go besides just having a bank/logo/uniform. Alliances and just general things as previously said like starbases and things of that nature.

More end level content and alot more options as far as ships go . Also being able to have the option to go rogue if you want and be a trader or a pirate etc.