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02-08-2010, 07:55 PM
-Short term
Increase Server capacity

A better LFG system or possibly an option to autogroup for all missions


- Mid term
More fleet actions.

More variations in exploration missions, and this one is important to me.
I am not the one to know star trek refrences or all the terms and such but when I think star trek I think discovery and adventure. And you would think exploration missions is where you would find it but scanning 5 objects or killing 3 patrols of ships over and over... it doesn't seem like I'm boldly going anywhere but rather repeating the same mission with a different backgroud. I can understand how it might be difficult to develop many different missions but I would like to see more interesting stuff going on here. I mean the series are basically all about the exploration, a little more content is deserved here imo.

An endgame option for solo players
I know this is an mmo and I'm looking forward to and will be a part of the raidasoids they plan to release. At the same time, going back to the show, the Enterprise does so much on it's own, through the use of their talented crew and captain. It only seems fair that the option for much harder missions that require the use of one ship and one badass captain should be availble. I mean i love playing online with others but sometimes you want to test your capabilities on your own.

-long term

Some sort of instanced place where a fleet can call a home and gather for events, mabye a instance accesable through DS9 or the like or even something like free range sectors where fleets can setup their own star bases or claim owner ship of planets where they can develop buildings, civilizations ect.

Alot more sectors, and more variation to the sectors.
as it stands now the universe is very small and all the sectors look the same. Every sector is basically devoted to a level range currently so as you play through you see every sector there is and by the time you reach a cap you've explored everything there is and there is no mystery left to the game. Mabye there could be sectors that are in utter choas with black holes and mysteious energy signatures. anything but the ordinary.

10 man or 20 man raidisodes
I've read how they plan to have 5 and only 5 man raids. I think they should seriously consider adding 10 to 20s. It's an awesome feeling when you get 20 people together to work together to complete a difficult task. I think it will add longevity and difficulty to the game that 5's cannot. I'll reserve full judgment until I try em but as the saying goes the more the merrier.