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02-08-2010, 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by Larhten View Post
If you insist on not hunting the cloakers down , you deserve the deaths.

There is no reliable way to detect cloaked ships beyond 5km. You can't go and randomly hit charged particle burst all over the map and expect to hit something. This isn't a game of Battleship, where you can fire blindly until you hit something, the enemy moves around.

Worse, it is entirely and completely impractical for Feds to hunt cloaked Klingons outside of that very short window immediately after a Klingon ship has cloaked so you know the general area they are in. And that window is only really exploitable by a science captain or someone with charged particle burst, a power that is only useful for this explicit purpose. And only if the Klingon didn't speed away with extra speed from a battery or power that makes catching them very unlikely.

I try this every match I start in, I roam around the Fedball in my science ship and try to hit cloaked Klingons with charged particle burst. I have never once gotten an early detection, even though they are surely there waiting, watching. Klingons know to stay beyond 5km. And if I can't hit them when I know they are nearby, how the heck is anyone supposed to get them when they have no idea where they are?