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02-08-2010, 08:07 PM
Short Term:
Bug Fixes: this goes without saying.
More community: The bad part about CO-style instancing is the lack of a server community. Is there any sort of informal, non-fleet option for creating communities of players? Not so that you'll be pals with everyone in your community, but enough so that you can say "Hi" to one another and maybe join together for a PUG.
Gold spammers: Put in a rule where nobody can send tells or mail until they've passed the tutorial. That should at least slow down the spam hordes.

Medium Term:
Ship interiors: I know you guys are partly done with this, but it needs emphasizing how important this is. Boarding actions were a huge component of all the series, and besides, it'd be nice to just tour your own ship, redesign the layout, and such, not to mention piloting your ship first-person.
Klingon content:Again, goes without saying... yet here I am saying it.
Levels not being a direct modifier in combat: By this I mean, if someone shoots you with a Mk I phaser, it shouldn't hurt 5-10x as much just because he has 20 levels on you. Levels properly grant advantages in ship size, gear, skill points, and so on... it really goes against the Trek universe for there to be a level modifier above and beyond these natural benefits. How much would Star Trek II have sucked if Khan could not have even scratched Kirk's hull because Khan was so much more inexperienced?

Long Term:
PvP boarding parties: Tricky, but goes with ship interiors. You board the enemy player's ship and transfer control of your ship to an AI Executive Officer. The enemy player must either hope his AI security can kill you, or relinquish control to his own AI Executive Officer. You gotta admit, this would be an A+ in the Coolness department!
Starbase or Colony Development: These things should be "long-term-temporary" so that a fleet could maintain a starbase for a few days but not expect it to last forever.