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02-08-2010, 08:26 PM
Originally Posted by radiohazard View Post
I've tried a number of sites that I frequent often and they are all offline due to a server error.

Could this be Skynet taking over???
Could this be The Matrix being taken over by Smith???
Could it be that the devs have stolen every server to the sites I visit often to power STO???

Seriously though - anyone else had any problems???
yup skynet is taking over, we are all doomed! quick give me all your valueables and head for the safety of some bomb shelter!!!

Originally Posted by 3drage View Post
Maybe your ISP's DNS server is down. Try to get to sites by IP address instead of domain names.
because people know the IP address to websites like google off hand .....

the spirit of your message is good though. OP go to your address bar in whatever browser you use and type in (this is the IP of this will tell you if the internet is working for other places, if this doesn't work you have problems with your ISP, if it does, DNS is probably just down. STO works because its IP/domain name is chached on your PC.