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02-08-2010, 08:35 PM
Short Term:
- Stability and capacity issues ironed out (for good).
- More UI improvements including allowing for additional action bars, configurable an independantly movable chat tabs.
- REAL diplomacy and exploration content.

Mid Term:
- Ship Interiors and access to a ready room, your own quarters and key ship areas, like Main Engineering, Sickbay etc as well as the ability to control your ship from he bridge during combat.
- The ability to give ship positions (ie First Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief medical Officer etc) to your bridge crew
- Sector Space improvements - no grid option, ability to have all vessels within sensor range listed like planets are and getting rid of the "stands" each solar system is connected to the "ground" by in sector space.

Long Term:
- Fully navigable starship interiors, being able to walk from one end of your ship to the other, pass crew in the halls and generally just be able to live aboard your ship.
- Holodecks made usable for flash back type missions or able to load "entertainment" type missions set in different era's.
- More starship types - nebulas, ambassadors as well as "new" classes.