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02-08-2010, 08:38 PM

* Draw Fire I: Increases threat generation.
* Focus Fire I: Lowers damage resitance of the target.
* Leg Sweep I: Knocks down nearby enemies.
* Photon Grenade I: Deals aoe damage and knocks back.

* Beam Fire at Will I (System: Beams): Attacks random targets.
* Beam Overload I (System: Beams): Powerful beam attack.
* Tactical Team I (System: Crew): Deploys a security team to your ship or an ally that attempts to track down and stop sabotuers that boarded.
* Torpedo: High Yield I (System: Torpedoes): Increases the damage done by your next torpedo.
* Torpedo: Spread I (System: Torpedoes): Fires multiple torpedoes in a large area causing damage to everything around your target.

Are they missing from trainers? Maybe, not sure, haven't played klingons. Have you tried training by using another BO?