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I've been starting to notice a problem of folks sort of losing contact and in some cases losing interest in the game due to firends out leveling them, and being forced to PUG. In most all games I've played in the past there was some sort of system in place for characters of all level ranges to still play with each other. We got this problem in my guild, and I'm sure it is pretty much happening in most all guilds where you have a certain few diehard levelers, who are pretty much at endgame now, while the majority of the guild is still back in T2 or T3. I'd love to have a way to be able to help, and group with some long lost guildies I haven't been grouped with since headstart.

I'm about to hit T5 myself here in a few days, and I guess one thing I can do is just roll another toon, and then play with lower level friends. But really, this is sort of a short term solution.

I think Cryptic really should think about some sort of mentoring system here.