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02-08-2010, 10:14 PM
This is a great thread. I'm a bit late to the party, and the devs will probably never see or read my input, but I'll go ahead and give it anyway.

Short Term
-- Auto-holstering of weapons in starbase and non-combat zones
-- More long hair options for character creation and bridge officer customization
-- More Klingon costume options
-- More Federation uniform options
-- Preorder bonuses added to the C-Store
-- More character slots given to all accounts for free. With as easy as it is to level, people will be making a lot of alts and we need more character slots to accommodate this.
-- Better functionality for the in-game music player. Let the music player stay open across zones
-- Better fleet control and fleet functionality. Allow fleet masters to grant a per-day withdrawal limit based on player rank.
-- Fix existing bugs in fleet actions and resource battle pvp zones.
-- Make the new character selection screen better. It could use a facelift and it is a bit buggy about displaying career badges.
-- Fix DSEs so that you don't get ganked by 20 enemy ships as soon as you zone in or respawn.
-- Allow players to hide old contacts. I'm tired of Sulu popping up to offer me level 6 missions when I'm a Commander.
-- Add better search and sort functionality to the exchange
-- Place exchange stations, banks, and mailboxes in other Starbases.
-- Fix bridge officer bugs. There are a bunch of bugged skills and also when you take a BO as a quest reward, they often have different skills from what you selected.
-- Add a "Yellow Alert" mode for when players are flying through a nebula and are taking environmental damage but are not in active combat.

Mid Term

-- Fully fleshed out PVE story arcs for Klingons
-- Revamp Memory Alpha. Make it into a more traditional trade skill system.
-- Simplify in-game currency
-- More non-combat missions that aren't just "scan stuff." How about a little diplomacy
-- Grouping and social incentives. Players need a reason to group. Right now its too easy to solo all the way up. Players need to be encouraged to socialize and group together.
-- Ground PVP scenarios. I'd like to see some Area Control maps, Attack/Defend, and other types of ground PVP scenarios
-- More Space PVP scenarios. We need a better variety of maps than is currently available.
-- Additional voice acting provided by former Star Trek cast members. I'd love to hear a bit of Patrick Stewart or William Shatner in the game.
-- Add more skills to all 3 career paths to allow players to further branch out and specialize their characters.
-- Add more content to the non-combat planets such as Vulcan and Risa.
-- Add "RP clothes" such as casual wear and other outfits for shore leave and other missions.
-- Add more functionality to player Bridges
-- Allow players to explore their own ships and do missions on board their ships.

Long Term
-- Romulans and Cardassians added as player races
-- Full-blown PVP combat zones with territory control and capturable bases.
-- 4 way PVP battlegrounds featuring all 4 playable factions in one battle (Feds, Kling, Rom, Card)
-- Full diplomacy system. Allow players to discover new alien races, befriend them, and bring them into the Federation or Klingon Empire (or Romulan or Cardassian).
-- Missions featuring puzzle solving and critical thinking. Logic and reasoning were a big part of the television shows and it is fitting to include these elements in the game.
-- Capture the "Star Trek Feel." Right now this is just a space combat simulator with a Star Trek skin. But it does not feel like Star Trek.
-- Add planets to explore that are not "M Class" and require special environment suits.
-- Revamp Sector Space to be more interactive and less boring.
-- Story arcs involving Bridge Officers as main characters in the stories.
-- Fleet owned Starbases, equipped with vendors, banks, exchange, and other perks.