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# 132 Guild Owned Stations
02-08-2010, 09:19 PM
We came up with a good idea the other day when discussing STO. I'd like to suggest Cryptic consider making Guild Owned Starbases in various systems for us in up coming content. Most all games have character housing, and I think a guild base would be best for this game. Maybe even have it something like in CoX where guilds can actually attack each others base. In this case maybe Klingongs being able to attack Fleet XXX's base, and maybe being able to get some sort of reward for being successful.

I envision long sieges and battles attacking and defending bases even. Being able to setup defenses for the bases. Decorating the bases, ect ect. The possibilities are almost endless on what could be done with this idea.

Maybe even having different teir bases, and if a guild wanted to get a station of their own, they would have to do some epic sort of fleet engagement and earn it. Upgrading to a better one, would be a similar situation where they would have to complete some difficult task to upgrade.

And this would go for BOTH factions. Just making it clear now, so nobody gets any ideas to just do this for the Feddies, and tell us Klingons, we will get ours months later.

Sure sounds like fun and a serious content upgrade to me. What say you?