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02-08-2010, 09:38 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
I brought this up a long time ago too. I'm level 31. You're level 27. Um. So now we can't PvP together anymore in any fashion even though we're only 4 levels apart?

Also awkward is the 5-man team thing. What if there's 6 of us. Or 8. Or 9. Or 11. Where can we go PvP together?

Cryptic is clearly scrounging for ways to make more money with their C-Store ideas. I've got an idea on how Cryptic can make more money: make better games.
I feel your pain Slamz, although I think they have done pretty well with this one in the short time they have had to actually work on it. Yes it's far from perfect ATM, but it seems to have a promising future compared to so many others which were just a bust from day one, after being touted as being the next WoW killer.

A mentoring system of some sort, would clearly be a step in the right direction. My other big idea is Guild Owned Stations, where you have to complete a fleet raid of some sort to earn the Station which you can decorate, and defend from enemy attacks. But thats in a different thread. This one is about being able to group with friends of different levels.