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02-08-2010, 11:33 PM
- Server stability
- Fix AI pathing problems. Too many times I will see an NPC walk over a table or push my character away from the NPC or station I am interacting with.
- Increased difficulty. I shouldn't be able to solo a half dozen Klingons led by a battle cruiser with my Miranda science vessel.
- Weapon auto-holster option that others have mentioned. So I'm not beaming to a starbase or somewhere like Risa with my weapon ready.
- *** Most wanted- an auto fire option (beam weapons only). I am going to wear out the spacebar fast having to mash it so many times.

- Give the Klingons some love people. More uniform choices, PvE, everything. Looks too much like they were rushed.
- Sort by amount option on auction hall.
- Make standard issue items that have zero value no trade so they will stop cluttering the AH.
- More diverse missions: diplomatic (give me choices to make and let there be consequences if I mess up like loss of skill points or something) and science (something better than just go scan 5 anomalies).
- Some kind of penalty if your ship gets blown up even if only loss of XP.

- Mini games on Risa. That planet is supposed to be an entertainment hub that everyone loves to visit but as it is right now it is dead.
- Along the same mini game line, how about mini games at Quark's. A mini dabo game, mini darts, etc. or a holodeck battle simulator with 1 on 1 or team PvP available.
- More stations/systems. Give us the option to 'visit' a system instead of just 'patrol' it. If we visit the system we find ourselves transported to the main planet which becomes a hub for more social, crafting, trading, etc.
- Merchant faction (maybe with a Ferengi Alliance expansion) that allows trading between different planets/stations.
- Dynamic, always changing map where PVP for control of systems causes borders to constantly be shifting. Once a homeworld is finally conquered the winning faction gets some kind of bonus reward. Then the map resets.
- Finally improve the "crafting" system. The Memory Alpha system is bad. By the time you get enough materials to turn in for something you are way above it in level. Give players the ability to craft their own things like in other MMOs.