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Welcome to the - Clan Hunters -

* The fastest way to get an invite to the fleet is to:
- Read our Rules & Ranks and then add our "ClanH" channel, you can do this by typing /channel_join ClanH in the in-game chat box.

* We have experienced a lot of new members in the last couple of weeks both new to the game and veterans.
- Due to the rapid influx of members the fleet reached it's maximum number of allowable players so we were forced to remove some of the inactive players in the fleet.
- We were forced to create a 2nd fleet on the Federation side that is for members that have been a member of the Clan Hunters for over 6 months. The fleet is mainly for their alts so that new members can join our main fleet. The "overflow" fleet has room for another 450 alts.
- There is now room for an additional 50 members in the main fleet.

Check out our Calendar for a list of past and future events.

Special Task Force Missions:
The Clan Hunters does about 7-15 STF's weekly, if you are not in the fleet we encourage you to use the STF channels to organize STF games.
- The "Fed STF" channel
- The "KDF STF" channel
- By adding the above channels you can Find STF games and discuss strategies.
- You can add them by right clicking on the chat box going to channels and type Fed STF or KDF STF and clicking join.

If you are interested in an International Fleet of Mature, Fun, Helpful and Interesting people, check out our Fleet.

The Clan Hunters has existed since March 2000, and for the last 11 years it has had one constant leader and many loyal members that is still with it. The CH started out on Armada I and expanded to Armada II and many other Star Trek and non Star Trek games. The CH is Democratic where all members no matter what rank have a vote on matters of the Fleet, this allows for little to no drama within the Fleet itself.

The Clan Hunters is a pretty laid back fleet with a few basic rules to follow.
We are an International Fleet so there is always someone online in your time zone, or whatever time of the day you might find yourself in front of the PC.
Everyone should be able to do whatever they want in our Fleet, we do not force anyone to do this or do that if someone wants to PvP, they can create a group and go PvP if someone wants to RP they can create a group and go RP.
We do however expect that people who team up to go on raids and missions have set off the time to do these demanding tasks. And will fight to the end no matter how damaged their ship is and how low life support is. A Clan Hunter Never Surrenders and shows No Mercy on the Battle Field!

We have a Website, Forums, Calendar of Events, Photo Album, and Ventrilo server.
We make Tribbles with combat buffs, and the Fleet Bank is open for all to use, making it more fun for everyone (the Epic Gear and EC is locked so only High Commanders have access).
We also play on the Klingon side where the Fleet is called House of Clan Hunters.

What we are looking for:
Someone that can follow our simple rules of conduct, we are an international fleet and we do not badmouth others or other fleets.
Someone that enjoys the game as much as we do and likes to just be there, doing things at their phase and convenience.
Someone that knows that others have busy schedules in real life, so might not take ranks to serious, or play that often.
Someone that enjoy doing raids and missions no matter how many hours it might take.
Someone that enjoy being goofy, friendly and helpful to others.
Someone that like to be part of forming the clan into something that is enjoyable for everyone, taking part on the vent server, forums, setting up missions, raids, PvP games etc.

If you have knowledge of running a fleet, setting up websites, forums etc you are more than welcome to help out with things that needs to be done.
We often have discussions on the forums with things that can be a benefit of the everyone, and everyone in the Fleet has a right to vote on the matter.
We value everyone’s input and opinions.

If you are interested in joining:
In-game Channel ClanH
Visit our site and forums
You can also pm me in the game Nikita@NikitaCH
If you are interested in joining a fleet like this or just trying us out, post your name@name here, and one of our officers will recruit you.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask