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02-09-2010, 12:00 AM
-Difficulty slider. Pretty please, make the space combat fun again, like it was in CB. I'm tired of AFK battles.
-GFX options for sector space. Remove billboards in space, blue rivers, checkerboards etc. Basically revamp it so it looks like warp space and not astrometrics view.

-More free of charge IP races.
-The path to 2409. Has there been any updates recently? I'd like to hear/read more about the STO universe.
-More varied missions. The promised diplomacy elements. Exploration that is more than "collect glowies" or "kill stuff".
-90 degree up/down movement in space.

-As much ship interiors as you can think of. Ten forward, ready room, engineering, crew quarters, cargo holds, Jeffries tubes etc. And make them customizable (like CoH bases). Give us a standard interior of each type, and add more outlook choices later.
-Missions inside your ship. There's lots of episodes where things happen in YOUR ship. Invasions, strange anomalies, crewmembers acting strangely etc.