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# 1 Looking for fleet [RP]
02-09-2010, 12:38 AM
Two Trill step into the fleet recruitment office side by side, their faces aglow with secretive smiles. The woman steps up to the counter and while shyly tucking a piece of amber hair behind her ear, she smiles at the officer on the other side. "Hi, we're looking to join a fleet..."

The Bolian behind the counter grins cheekily before rifling through a couple datapads. His blue eyes seem to smirk as they travel up and down the redhead's science officer uniform. "Well, you're in just the right place my dear," he slyly replies, flashing a bright smile at the lieutenant which quickly fades as her paramour steps up close behind her. The Bolian returns to business, fiddling with the datapad and pretending not to notice the glare from the dark-haired Trill. He coughs once, but the tension remains, "So, what kind of fleet were you two looking for?"

The redhead smiles and blushes at the attention, making the dark spots at her hairline all the more visible. "Well, we were hoping for a fleet that would allow us to take our missions and follow our own judgement. One that doesn't micromanage," the blush only deepens and the secret smile returns, "We'd like time off to spend together, but at the same time we'd like the option of socializing with friends and fleetmates, if that makes any sense." The redhead looks up at her companion and then shrugs in response to his raised eyebrow.

"I think I might be able to find you something," the Bolian mumbles into the datapad, "Your names, given first then family."

"Callisto Leda and Caedan Lal, both Lieutenant Rank 9."

"Thank you Callisto."

"I go by Leda, actually, just to make things confusing," she mutters, blushing again.

"Well then Leda, I'll submit your fleet request and mail you if anything comes up."

"That would be fine, thank you."

The two walk out, obviously attempting to remain professional and yet failing spectacularly. Suspiciously they head in opposite directions without a word to one another. Behind the counter, the Bolian sighs and mutters to no one in particular, "All the good ones are taken..."