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02-09-2010, 01:53 AM
i think the t5 cruisers/carriers are designed as "admiral" ships.
admiral ships don't dogfight, thus turning rate is not their selling point.
their role is more strategical than tactical: they are a point of fixation for team, and a magnet for enemy ships.
it acts like a real tank.
plus, fitted with so many beam slots, that ship can hit anything at almost 360degrees.
not mentioning the hangars and the little ships that help u repair, spawn fighters etc.
but having more than 2 in a team might cause problems: they cant catch up ppl that flee, they cant turn well to face another shield. thats why a carrier complimented with BoP players is the way to go.
my suggestion :they should add simultaneous multi targetting for those kind of ships. make the weapon slots target multiple nearest enemies.