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02-09-2010, 02:18 AM
Originally Posted by wd_harding
Below is why I like the game (haters keep your nose out this is my opinion and I really couldn’t give a rats ass about your sarcastic drivel – constructive criticism welcome however):

• I like the flexibility – you can be as casual or dedicated as you like with STO. Want an essentially online arcade game? You can have it. Want a much more immersive and interactive experience? Through fleets and the community you can have that too. In some MMOs, unless you devote your life to it, you are going to be slaughtered every time you stick your little toe into PVP.
• No sense of elitism – many of the poster’s on the forum who routinely log in for no other reason than to troll do so because they are used to oodles of technical garbage (EVE) which they can spend their lives getting to know and therefore feel superior to everyone else. These people find exploits through months of study and actively use them to gank/ruin other players.
• Endless possibility with an incredibly rich IP – only Star Wars could rival Trek for possibilities and even this does not have the depth of history that Trek has – riding the wormhole to the delta quadrant anyone?
• Servers – I have had an incredibly smooth experience with the servers thus far (others have suffered I’m sure but I can only go on my experience). Since game launch I have had one single day when I experienced lots of lag and disconnects.
• Space combat is deliciously strategic, especially in pvp.
• Fleet/Guild system – I am lucky enough to have joined a good fleet from the very beginning which is active and helpful – this adds much to the experience and is significantly more fun that flying through the cold of space on your own.
• Missions that do not require me to go back to the quest giver to resolve them – subspace communications ftw!
• Depth and variety of weapon systems and gear.
• Faithfulness to the IP and the sweet little touches like Tribbles and Klingon’s reactions to them!
• In my opinion the game looks great in space (needs some work on the ground though)
• The inclusion of both ground and vehicle based combat – pretty revolutionary I think (at least for me) for an MMORPG

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